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In August 2023, we made some changes to how you book accommodation ( and also how we manage those bookings in the back office) to date this has been very successful with only minor teething problems, you can now book accommodation 10 months in advance on the digital platform pay online and receive conformation, receipts and PINs to access the property via Email.

below is a gentle reminder of the process.

1. Every member must register on the website once, once validated by the office access granted. To register go to the website at the top of the page select JOIN, then REGISTER then complete the online form with your up-to-date details. Do not use your official Garda email address our emails are blocked.
2. ⁠To make a booking select property and desired stay period – off-peak all apartments except Killarney September to June inclusive.
3. ⁠Summer bookings – Killarney weekly only from May to September inclusive. They are commencing every Saturday only. Other Apartments are the same but July and August ONLY.
4. ⁠To select your booking dates select the start date and end date only.
5. ⁠You cannot log in to APP until website registration is approved
6. ⁠Bookings can be made on the APP
7. ⁠IPA House can be booked through the office in IPA House only. 01-8302907
8. ⁠Office email address please email your enquiries where possible
9. ⁠The Accommodation Rules are on the Website. It’s up to each member to make themselves familiar with rules. Cancellation policy is contained therein.
10. ⁠All members are expected to leave apartments clean and tidy and remove all rubbish for the next guest. It’s not always possible for the House Manager to check between bookings.
11. ⁠Please NOTE: Door PIN code for IPA House is now sent by email to the registered email address of the booking. It is sent at the time of payment. Please check your emails before your stay.

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